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Tech, Innovation, Riyadh: Recap

Navigating the Future of Business: A Glimpse into Seamless Riyadh 2023

Seamless Riyadh 2023: A glimpse into the future of MENA business through tech innovation.

Navigating Seamless Riyadh 2023: A Tech Odyssey


Seamless Riyadh 2023, one of the most anticipated tech conferences in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, kicked off in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, with great pomp and grandeur. As the Business Development Manager of EASZ Tech Solution, I had the privilege of attending the second day of this remarkable event. Sponsored by the Saudi Central Bank and in partnership with Mubasher Media, this two-day extravaganza showcased the convergence of innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology. In this article, I’ll share my experiences, particularly the encounters with some remarkable companies that are shaping the future of business.

The Event in a Nutshell

Seamless Riyadh 2023 featured over 500 local and international companies, along with more than 200 tech startups, creating a vibrant ecosystem of ideas and innovation. The conference boasted an impressive lineup of speakers, including industry leaders like Mazen Ghassan Pharaon, Chief Digital Officer of Riyad Bank, Fahed Ghanim, CEO of Majid Al Futtaim Lifestyle, and Günther Helm, CEO of Cenomi Retail. With the conference touching upon key themes in fintech, retail, banking, payments, e-commerce, digital marketing, and home delivery, it was evident that Seamless Riyadh 2023 was a melting pot of groundbreaking ideas and cutting-edge technologies.

Exploring Key Encounters

During my visit to the conference, I had the pleasure of interacting with several prominent companies that are making waves in their respective fields. Here are some noteworthy encounters:

  1. Zoho: Known for its suite of business and productivity applications, Zoho is a global player in cloud software. Our discussion revolved around the impact of their solutions on enhancing business efficiency.
  2. Al Thika Packaging: Specializing in packaging machinery and automation solutions, Al Thika Packaging showcased how technology can elevate packaging processes, making them more sustainable and efficient.
  3. IFS Inclusive Financial Solution Company: IFS is at the forefront of digital transformation in finance. Our conversation revolved around the role of open banking and financial inclusion in the MENA region.
  4. Surepay: As a fintech company, Surepay is revolutionizing how payments are made and managed. We discussed the future of digital payments and financial security.
  5. Fortinet Inc: A leader in cybersecurity, Fortinet’s insights were invaluable in understanding the evolving threats in the digital world and the importance of robust security solutions.
  6. Seapay: With a focus on digital wallets and payment solutions, Seapay demonstrated how they are simplifying financial transactions for businesses and consumers alike.
  7. Lazywait: A startup specializing in delivery solutions, Lazywait is poised to reshape the future of home delivery services. Our conversation revolved around the logistics and technology behind efficient delivery operations.
  8. ZIW: As a software solutions provider, ZIW is contributing to digital transformation across industries. We discussed how their software solutions are driving innovation.
  9. Confiz: With a focus on IT consulting and software development, Confiz is helping businesses stay competitive in the digital age. Our conversation explored the role of IT consulting in business growth.
  10. EDFAPAY: EDFAPAY is a player in the fintech sector, and our discussion delved into how they are driving financial inclusion through their digital payment solutions.
  11. Softech Technologies: Softech Technologies showcased their expertise in IT solutions and services, emphasizing the importance of technology in business operations.
  12. EASZTAKE: Our very own company, EASZ Tech Solution, was also on display, highlighting our commitment to providing innovative tech solutions to our clients.
  13. Brainvire: Brainvire’s expertise in digital transformation and e-commerce solutions was evident in our conversation about the evolving e-commerce landscape.
  14. Mad Street Den Vue.ai: We discussed the role of artificial intelligence and computer vision in revolutionizing the retail industry.
  15. Raqamyah: Raqamyah’s presence at the event highlighted the significance of financial technology in shaping the future of finance in the MENA region.
  16. Safexpay: Our conversation with Safexpay revolved around the importance of secure and seamless payment processing solutions.
  17. Hyperpay: Hyperpay, a leading payment gateway provider, discussed the challenges and opportunities in the payment processing industry.
  18. Totalpay: Our discussion with Totalpay centered on how they are simplifying payroll and HR processes through innovative technology solutions.


Seamless Riyadh 2023 was not just a conference; it was a glimpse into the future of business in the MENA region. The encounters with these pioneering companies shed light on the transformative power of technology and innovation. As the Business Development Manager of EASZ Tech Solution, I am more convinced than ever that our commitment to providing cutting-edge tech solutions aligns perfectly with the evolving needs of businesses in this dynamic landscape. The future is indeed seamless, and the possibilities are boundless.

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